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Established in 1995 to carry out engineering projects for Multimedia Shows with the design, manufacturing, turn-key installation and product service of diverse kinds of ornamental and musical fountains, as well as other related products such as interactive entertainment fountains for theme parks and multimedia spectacular shows. The MAGICAL WATER FOUNTAINS patented specialty fountains are used for decoration, entertainment and promotional purposes. The primary product, the Musical Fountain, produces an array of water displays, which when combined with music, lighting, laser imagery and even fireworks, creates a large scale multimedia choreographed spectacle. The fountain can be a centerpiece of a large public venue, programmed for shows at specific times, or a colorful water feature, which can beautify an open space or energize an otherwise ordinary space. The product that MAGICAL WATER has mastered achieves a perfect synthesis of water, colour and music. The patented computer and electronic system controls a wide range of elements including light projectors, submerged valves and rhythm transporters. It allows the user to compose a musical entertainment program, and/or special effects, and synchronize it to the dynamic dance of the fountains.

The Team’s company

The MAGICAL WATER FOUNTAINS`s engineering staff will perform the design, engineering, manufacturing, and programming of WATER FEATURES. MAGICAL WATER FOUNTAINS’s installation team has built fountains all over the World in various types of water bodies : KAZAKHSTAN,TURKIE, U.A.E, OMAN, SAUDI ARABIA, EGYPT, FRANCE, BELGIUM, SPAIN, … Our expertise will assure a reliable installation and a successful start up, and provide the best training for the maintenance team. What services do we provide?

· Creativity & Design · Quality Control-Reliability · “Turn-Key” Product Installation · Training · Post-Sale Support · Maintenance Compatible Spare Parts Product & program updating & enhancement Technical Assistance